Pearl City Community Volunteers Lift Morale at Sunset Memorial Cemetery |

Mahalo to all of the amazing community volunteers who shared their time and hearts this morning to help clean up and beautify the grounds of Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Pearl City.

The cemetery desperately needs the help and support of the community to maintain the grounds. Early this morning, teams of volunteers completed tasks that included mowing grass and weeding around the graves, raking up grass clippings, trimming trees, pulling weeds and clearing ‘A huge pile of trash bags and trash that had accumulated on the property being loaded onto Honolulu City and County trucks by volunteers for disposal.

I had the honor of representing the Pearl City Shopping Center/ and the Pearl City Lions Club as a community volunteer. I was touched by the names of the deceased souls on each headstone as I cleared the weeds and overgrown grass that revealed their names and lifespans.

It was a comforting feeling to know that their spirits were with me and happy for the many gestures of kindness and respect that flowed through each volunteer’s graveyard. Keiki in Kupuna all lent a hand this morning.

As I left Sunset Memorial Cemetery, I thought of the smiles of family and friends as they next visit to lay flowers at the graves of loved ones.

Blessings to their souls and the spirit of generosity and compassion of all our community volunteers.

Photo of Barry Villamil | [email protected]

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