One Tinley Park, Sam’s Club and community volunteers team up to deliver 40 turkeys to veterans


By Jon DePaolis

TINLEY PARK, Illinois – To thank the area’s veterans, the One Tinley Park political group and the Sam’s Club recently teamed up to donate 40 turkeys to those who served.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the donated birds were delivered on Saturday, November 21 to Foreign War Veterans Station 2791, located at 17147 Oak Park Ave. at Tinley Park. The turkeys were to be kept in the VFW’s freezer before being distributed to veterans in the area later in the month.

“I have heard many stories of families canceling Thanksgiving due to the coronavirus,” said Michael Glotz, administrator of Tinley Park. “After many conversations with members of One Tinley Park, we have decided that we would like to help our veterans over Thanksgiving.”

The group reached out to Sam’s Club manager Mike Happ and deputy manager Joan Bromley, and they donated 40 turkeys to the cause. Glotz said the Sam’s Club had also helped with outreach efforts among the group’s seniors and the Citizen Volunteer Committee.

“Mike Happ and his team are so caring and generous,” said Glotz.

One Tinley Park has also teamed up with Roger Barton, a former Tinley Park police officer and veteran. Barton said Glotz contacted him on November 21 to inform him of the donation.

“[He] wanted to know if we had a freezer to keep them until they could be distributed, “Barton said.” By noon Mike had secured the birds and I confirmed we had the freezer space at our VFW. “

From there, Barton said he emailed a mailing list of veterans in the area, many of whom are members of the Tinley Park VFW and the American Legion.

“We told them any veteran who needed a bird was welcome,” Barton said. “Of the 40 birds we started with, we have four [on Nov. 23]. I always get responses via email and text messages with requests. “

Barton said he wanted all turkeys to be delivered to local veterans by November 25.

“The pandemic has changed our lives in ways most of us never thought of,” said Barton, a resident of Tinley Park for over 70 years. “Some people are better off than others and are healthy enough to fend for themselves. What concerns me are the older veterans and those with medical issues that prevent them from coming out. veterans are there to help veterans in any way we can. [and] whenever we can. I have helped everyone and everyone I can in the community – as a police officer here for over 30 years and as a volunteer at VFW for over 40 years. “

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