Nearly $90,000 in Grants to Help Fund Omaha Neighborhood Projects | Politics and government

From community gardens to restoration efforts and youth programs, neighborhood projects in Metro Omaha will get a financial boost through the city’s Neighborhood Grants program.

The grants, totaling $89,916, were awarded to 28 community and neighborhood organizations.

“This annual grant program encourages collaboration and innovation in neighborhoods,” Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said at a news conference Friday.


Fifty-nine applications were reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives from the city’s planning, public works, parks and police departments, the Omaha Community Foundation and the Mayor’s Grants team.

Katie Kresha, executive director of City Sprouts, said the grant will help provide food in Omaha. The non-profit organization operates community gardens and offers educational programs.

“This is going to help us have the supplies we need for a successful growing season and increase the amount of food we produce for people facing food insecurity in Omaha,” Kresha said.

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The 2022 winners:

Armbrust Acres: $1,050, Center Street Entrance Revitalization.

Benson Neighborhood Association: $3,410, tree replacement in Benson Park.

BFF Omaha Inc.: $1,750, green team embellishment.

Blackstone Neighborhood Association: $3,964, Historic Blackstone Revealed: A Tour of Architectural Gems.

Blazing Star Seed Cooperative: $3,303 seed treatment days.

City Sprouts: $2,700, summer internship in urban agriculture.

Dundee-Memorial Park Neighborhood Association: $1,085, supplies and tools for the neighborhood garden.

Escalante Hills II HOA: $4,500, Escalante Hills canopy restoration.

Fairfax Neighborhood Association: $1,500, flower beds and promotion.

Free Farm: $4,350, increase food production and distribution.

Highlander Neighborhood Association: $3,750, resilience campaign.

Hillsborough Homeowners Association: $5,000, resurfacing of a tennis court in Hillsborough Park.

InCommon Community Development: $4,536, block party kit.

Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association: $3,150, Clarkson Park Revitalization.

Laird Street Neighborhood Association: $2,820, garden food security and neighborhood beautification.

Levi Carter Sherman Neighborhood Association: $2,300, capacity building for neighborhood cleanup.

Loveland Neighborhood Association: $1,300, Loveland Centennial.

Metcalfe-Harrison Neighborhood Association: $500, park beautification.

Morton Meadows Community Garden: $3,600, garden expansion.

Ramble Ridge Property Owners Association: $2,500, security updates and park restorations.

Seventy-Five North Revitalization Corp. $5,000 Highlander Movie Night Series.

Skylark-Cryer Neighborhood Association: $1,840, trees in Cryer Park and printing of the neighborhood newsletter.

Society of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul: $3,730, sustainable landscaping project at the Holy Family Community Center.

South Omaha Neighborhood Association: $4,800, Italian mural project.

Sunny Slope—Sunny View Neighborhood Association: $3,088, Cinema on the Slope—Take 2.

Union for Contemporary Art: $4,750, the Jardin de l’Abondance.

Western Springs Homeowners Association: $4,960, Arbor Street Island Renovation.

Westgate Neighborhood Association: $4,680, community garden.

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