Isla Vista Halloween will feature more community events for families and kids

ISLA VISTA, Calif .– The Isla Vista Halloween weekend of the ’80s and’ 90s won’t be the fourth weekend of 2021.

That’s the word of community leaders who have a more family-friendly queue in mind instead of the chaotic old Halloween scenes that led to arrests and a tarnished reputation.

Isla Vista Community Services District Director Ethan Bertrand said: “Some might call it a ghost town on Halloween.”

He says they focused on local events and safer events.

Messages have also been sent to other colleges over the years, essentially telling students to stay away and that strict rules are in place. This often makes him unattractive.

“We’re really in a different place now where we can have fun events, fun activities, and give the residents of Isla Vista something to do and something to be proud of,” Bertrand said.

Del Playa Drive is generally a hot spot for people, costumes, and parties, which is why thousands of information leaflets with Halloween rules as well as many other forms of information have been placed on the handles. door.

Resident Aja Blair said: “Halloween isn’t really a big party for me to begin with, so I’m totally okay with doing that, like watching horror movies and all that.”

She has a costume and looks forward to the weekend, but no large crowds or extra law enforcement by her house.

Thousands of students will also be heading to nearby UC Santa Barbara for a free outdoor concert paid for by associate students. The artist has not yet been named. The university says it won’t be inside the Thunderdome.

“By having a combination of IV events and UC events, we are in a good position,” said Bertrand.

At the Sweet Jane costume and novelty store at the top of the commercial loop, customer feedback has been solid with a range of pre-made and do-it-yourself costume suits. Last year, even with the COVID conditions, Halloween was a strong business event.

Stella Termin has owned Sweet Jane for 15 years. “When I first opened the store there was a lot of reggae and rasta oriented costumes that way and now those things are gone. She says some of her items have already sold with early buyers. The store is always stocked from floor to ceiling and has plenty of choices for those tailoring a costume.

Even in a reduced form, Isla Vista will still be a colorful place for costumed characters.

Meg Cuthbertson is a resident and student of Chicago. She’s ready for the weekend but doesn’t expect it to be a big blow. “I bought a costume, maybe I spent a little too much IV, it’s pretty closed during Halloween.

There will also be security posts, hydration zones and free home escorts.
Bertrand said: “We really focus on communicating with law enforcement on how community members can keep the community safe and that is by hosting events as if we were going to an environment controlled and fun. “

Events planned for this weekend include a Halloween Costume Contest Prize ($ 1,000), Pumpkin Carving Contest, Haunt the Loop (Candy or Spell Experience) and Haunted Pumpkin (Estero Park).

For more information on Isla Vista events, visit: IVCSD

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