Hydrants are maintained in Williamstown and Vienna thanks to community volunteers



WOOD COUNTY, W.Va. (WTAP) –Hydrants with bleached red and green paint are turned into hydrants with shiny red paint and reflective markers all over Williamstown and Vienna – and it’s not just for looks, it ‘s for good reason.

“All standpipes in town need to be visible and cleaned so we can see them and they need to be color coded so that it gives us an indication of the water flow so we know which one is a better choice for us. and gives us an option to choose different ones, ”said Vienna Fire Chief Steve School.

Scholl is working with the Mayor of Williamstown, Paul Jordan, on this hydrant project. While the two hope the updates will help firefighters know how much water is in each hydrant, they predict that they will help cool cities down a bit.

“We want things to look even and beautiful and we would like to make sure that along the river and in West Virginia we stand tall and look good,” Jordan said.

“This is one of the things that is so simple to do by just creating a clean look and that is what we are working for in Williamstown and I know Vienna strives to do the same in their administration.”

Jordan says the reflective markers in different colors will help firefighters know how much water is in each hydrant.

Scholl and Logan say they have already distributed several kits to community volunteers who have come to the town building to sign up for this project.

The kits include red spray paint, paintbrushes and paper towels, and Jordan says each volunteer has been assigned fire hydrants to take care of Williamstown. Around 250 hydrants are to be changed in Vienna and around 140 in Williamstown. Jordan says they still need volunteers for the Williamstown fire hydrants.

“By doing this, it’s something so simple that allows firefighters to be more efficient at what they’re doing in an emergency,” Jordan said.

“Because now is not the time to make something go in the wrong direction.”

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