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With around 15 months of isolation to go through during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be easy to assume that anticipation for the first major community event after restrictions were relaxed would be so high that it would be impossible for the actual event to happen. is up to it.

After all, our community has missed over a year of celebrations, including all of the traditional summer events of 2020. That’s a lot to do, especially with keeping restrictions still likely in place for events in the summer. back, which dampens the mood.

Well, all it took was a sunny weekend in the arena at Island Grove Regional Park to prove those assumptions decidedly wrong.

Some of the songs may have been sad last Saturday as the Greeley Blues Jam reopened large-scale community events in Greeley, but the vibe was quite the opposite.

Festival goers and organizers reported an almost overwhelming sense of joy throughout the event, as residents of County Weld once again got to enjoy the common glow of the sun and live music – much for the first time in over a year.

While the remaining pandemic restrictions have forced organizers to change some layouts of Blues Jams in previous years, the change opened up more space and appeared to help provide respite from the hot June sun, while still allowing around 2,700 people to attend – the same number of organizers estimated in 2019, the last year the event took place.

It’s certainly interesting that the change in layout was just one of the many hurdles event planners had to overcome to host this year’s Greeley Blues Jam – an event they weren’t really sure about. to be able to succeed until about two months ago.

Trying to put the same with as few restrictions as possible while keeping people safe, they were constantly shooting at a moving target. The restriction level could change at any time – apparently back and forth for much of the past year – and there was no way of knowing exactly where it would be when Blues Jam day rolled around. .

We would like to thank these organizers and their teams for their hard work in this pursuit, and we think we can speak for many when we say it was worth it.

The Greeley Blues Jam 2021 was more than a worthwhile way to reopen community gatherings in Greeley. Its success prompts us to look even more optimistically at other opportunities we may have to come together as a community this summer.

More precisely, we are already anticipating in a few weeks the return of the Greeley Stampede – the flagship event of the city and, just like the Blues Jam, an event whose absence left a great void during the pandemic summer of Greeley il a year ago.

Considering how well the Greeley Blues Jam has gone, we can’t help but be excited about what’s to come.

– The editorial board of Greeley Tribune is made up of Jerry Martin, editor-in-chief; and Lindsay Haines, Events Manager. Martin can be contacted at [email protected] Editorial responses can be submitted to [email protected]

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